Dear friends,

99% of humanity lives, thinks and acts as instructed by just a handful of people. Never in history has there been an independent civilization. There have always been those few who decide for others how to live, think and act. This is also the case now. The system is much smarter and more opaque, but nothing has really changed. It may have seemed like you were free, but with the current situation that freedom has gone up in smoke. Humanity sits at home. Afraid, divided, powerless and in isolation. Waiting again for those few to tell them what to think and do.

We are available because you have asked us to assist you during the shift to a new civilization. Through many different channels we provided information, methods and support, so that you could become more and more aware of yourself in a broader, deeper sense. We have always emphasized the importance of attention to self and of being aware, and of the fact that everyone creates their own reality. We have continuously emphasized how only your decisions determine your reality. Nothing and no one else can.

We have done our best to make it clear that all these individual realities together create the collective reality. Which in turn determines what type of world you live in. A collection of 7.6 billion realities, which together form one reality, this is how you are one. If you come to new conclusions and implement them together, this reality will change effortlessly.

But if you do not for the first time start to think and act independently, not much will change. Until now you have given your individual reality in the management of those few. Once that happens, it is no longer your reality. Then it becomes part of the reality of those few. With all its consequences. The current situation and collective reality are a direct consequence of this.

The reason we have put so much emphasis on paying attention to self and on creating your own reality over the past 25 years, isn't because the rest doesn't matter. However, you have never thought and acted independently. If you do not Wake up individually first, it is not possible to ever create a new civilization together.

The only way to change the current situation is by truly and unconditionally accepting responsibility for your own decisions and your own reality, for the first time in history. Only then will it become possible to bridge the huge differences and to create a reality together that is all about freedom, cooperation and interconnectedness.

We have always said that a new civilization will be created. This is based on your own collective choice. That new civilization already exists. But it is up to you to actually materialize it. That is why we want to remind you that you are responsible for the shift towards this new civilization. If you do not collectively choose to take that responsibility, there will be no new civilization. It is not happening for you, but through you. Nothing is absolute. Nor is it whether this new civilization is materialized here. If you choose differently, then a completely different reality will arise than you envisioned.

Existence is looking forward to this unique shift. You are not alone, our support is unconditional. This shift takes courage, but it's easier than it seems. If you are looking for real satisfaction, freedom and unity, now is the time to decide differently and to take actual steps together in that new direction. The future is up to you. You are the future.

With love ❤️