Dear Friends,

"This reality is shifting towards a completely new reality". We have spoken these words time after time after time. For decades we have provided you with information regarding yourself, this reality and the effects of this Shift. We have provided you with all this information to help you prepare for the actual Shift. Because, as we have said before, who does not understand what is happening and does not apply what we have suggested, is definitely going to have unpleasant experiences.

Until now, everything that we have done was to prepare you. The actual Shift still had to begin. Now, starting with the Coronavirus and the enormous effects and changes that it already has created, the actual Shift has begun. We are now truly on our way towards that new civilisation. In thirty years no one will be able to recognise this reality as that which it once was. This is the collective choice that has been made.

Many times we have said that this new civilisation doesn't suddenly appear. Everything is changing collectively, because you are collectively changing. Internal shifts cause external shifts. And there are huge changes energetically to accommodate these internal changes. Those that don't move with this Shift, will remove themselves. Everyone on the planet will be affected. Waiting on the sideline until a new reality has emerged will not work.

For many of you, it is only now dawning that this Shift may actually be true. This realisation causes a lot of restlessness. Which is added to the turmoil and panic that have already arisen from all the planetary changes caused by the Coronavirus. What we notice is that most of you are withdrawing and disconnecting, as you are so used to doing. But because we are shifting towards openness and interconnectedness, this is not the direction we move in.

Whoever disconnects and fights change is facing a difficult time. Openness, trust and acceptance are now most important. Not only in your thinking, but genuinely, from within. We are here to assist you to get through this period of great change in the most pleasant way possible. Now is the time to actually start using and implementing the information and suggestions we have provided.

It is unnecessary to feel like a victim and to live in fear. But for that, attention has to go within, to self, not to the outside. Anyone can do this. But as always, the choice is yours.

With love ❤️