Tom wordt regelmatig benaderd door buitenlandse organisaties. Soms beantwoordt hij na een video- of audio uitzending nog vragen. Hieronder een kort stukje van zo'n vraag & antwoord sessie.


Participant: What is it like to detach from perceptions? What do you then anchor yourself to? To reality/truth? What is that? Is connections part of it?

Tom: Thank you for your nice question. One doesn't really detach from perceptions. Perception is singular. From that come all the stories, theories and beliefs people hold on to for experience, no exception.

What happens when you Wake Up is that you see through all those stories, theories and beliefs. All of them. You realize, truly know, not believe, that they are merely that and have no other value than the value you attach to it. This is what true freedom allows. There is no way anyone can truly understand this until they experience it first hand. There is no association that is compatible with this, it is new. It is also not the enlightened state, which, as the word indicates, is only a state.

What do you anchor yourself to? Yourself! You see, when you are at that point, your own stories are equally just that. So these are no longer held on to either, as if they really matter. This is what spiritually speaking is the 'end of the ego' - even though there is no ego (smiles). That is also a belief. And as it is with stories, it is the same with beliefs. All theories, beliefs, stories are one and the same. More and more scientists start to realise that they operate in a subjective reality, not an objective one. A painful realization, but an important one, if we ever wish to understand ourselves and our true nature collectively.

When you see through all of this, you do not need stories to maintain yourself, your identity. This doesn't mean you will not continue to operate within an identity, you must, since that is the setup for this reality. But you will no longer attach yourself to the story of who you thought you were. You will maintain parts of the definition of yourself, but it becomes different. Everyone has guidelines within and at that point those are important, not those from the outside world.

When it comes to truth, that is a difficult subject. In existence there are only a few truths. A truth is always, everywhere and at any time so. I am talking about existence now, not just about this reality, this universe we currently live in. Change is one truth; everything always changes. Almost all of the remaining 'truths' are actually principles, 'local truths'. How this reality operates is fixed and thus a truth. That we have a body is a truth. But these are only true within this reality. So these are not universal truths, they are local. These local truths have everything to do with perception, which has a much wider definition and impact than people currently understand.

Perception as I speak of it is not just the mental activity that people think perception comes from, or is. Nor is it just perception through our senses. These all are just a tiny part of what perception really is: a huge collection of beliefs and ideas which enable us to experience what we experience: ourselves in this human form within this reality, including a mind and senses. It runs very deep. It is responsible for everything. Through it you create who you are and the world around you. That is what perception really does. When you get at a certain point, you know this beyond any doubt.

We currently live in an objective reality, holding a subjective perception, within a wider subjective perception that spans far beyond this reality. We are not really who we think we are now, and we are definitely not what we think we are. Realizing this is discovering the ultimate reality of yourself.