Tom in de media

As long as you keep thinking that what you think is the truth, you’re fucked. There are so many ways, so many levels, that you can interpret things, look at things that as long as for your own sense of self esteem, you need to be right, you’re going to be lonely. I don’t need to be right, I want to be connected, which is very different. This is wisdom, in my opinion. As soon as you drop the right and wrong, and you move to connection, and the understanding that somebody else is entitled to another opinion, which is as good as yours not a little less, then you start to actually be more happy. Because this closing off stuff, it just doesn’t work, and everybody knows it. It’s not just INTJs, it’s most of the world that does that out of fear for themselves, they all move into right and wrong, drop right and wrong.

There are things that are as they are within this realm anyway, you know? Like a table is a table. I agree to that. When it comes to opinions, or it comes to how you look at stuff, why things happen, how things work, that is a dangerous field to want to be right.

— Tom de Kok (Interview voor INTx Unleashed )